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Modern telecom and networking devices manage large volumes of complex data and demand stellar low-latency performance and lasting reliability. eXtremeDB has been at the core of network equipment for years.  The eXtremeDB data management solution for Telecom and Networking: real-time performance, high availability, Patricia trie indexes and more!

F5 Networks, Motorola, Airspan, Sandvine, Spirent, Viasat and Ribbon are just a few of the innovators who rely on McObject’s database, and comms applications leveraging eXtremeDB include:

We are honored to be used by these outstanding companies (and others):

F5 uses eXtremeDB database for telecom and networking


This leader in application delivery networking uses eXtremeDB as a core software component across its BIG-IP product family. Read the article by McObject’s CEO and F5 Networks’ VP of product development.

Ribbon  uses eXtremeDB database for telecom and networking


Ribbon (formerly Genband) uses eXtremeDB in fixed-mobile connectivity (FMC) solutions including session border controller. Learn more.

Spirent uses eXtremeDB database for telecom and networking


The Spirent TestCenter testing solution relies on multiple copies of eXtremeDB, residing at device ports, for real-time data capture. Read the EE Times article.

Airspan uses eXtremeDB for database for telecom and networking

Airspan Networks has integrated the eXtremeDB as a key software component within Airspan’s new Air4G mobile broadband network base station. Learn more.

Compass-EOS uses eXtremeDB in its Control plane database

The Compass-EOS r10004 core router – the first shipping photonics-based router – integrates eXtremeDB High Availability on its control plane, to support non-stop forwarding (NSF). Learn more.

This fast-growing telecom software provider uses eXtremeDB High Availability and 64-bit editions in its [email protected]™ real-time rating and credit control platform. Learn more.

Motorola uses eXtremeDB for SCADA Network Fault Management

Motorola has deployed eXtremeDB within MOSCAD Network Fault Management (NFM), Motorola’s SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) application that is used widely in radio networks to optimize performance, fix problems and prevent downtime. Learn more.

EFJ uses eXtremeDB as a database for location register

EF Johnson, a division of JVC Kenwood, integrates eXtremeDB High Availability (HA) embedded database to enhance fault-tolerance in its Netelligent™ Infrastructure Systems Project 25 Conventional two-way radio infrastructure for first responders. Learn more.

TNS uses eXtremeDB in their Enum registry database

Transaction Network Services integrated the 64-bit edition of eXtremeDB in TNS’s massively scalable Carrier ENUM Registry technology.  Learn more.

What makes eXtremeDB the best database for telecom and networking?  These and other features

High Availability

Built on the already dependable eXtremeDB, eXtremeDB-HA was designed to power aerospace and defense, process control systems, telecom and network gear, and other mission critical systems with demanding “five-nines” reliability (99.999% up-time).

Patricia trie and other indexes

The Patricia trie algorithm is optimized to perform quick IP address prefix matching for IP subnet, network or routing table lookups. Review a list of offered indexes, or watch the Webinar: Using Data Indexes to Boost Performance and Minimize Footprint in Embedded Software


Core in-memory database system (IMDS) architecture delivers responsiveness measured in microseconds; speed is critical in delivering a competitive user experience.


eXtremeDB provides full DBMS features with minimal CPU, RAM and storage demands. This results in lower hardware component costs, with the savings in manufacturing dropping directly to the bottom line.

Developer flexibility

Developers can leverage a rich toolset, including event notifications, fast and flexible search methods, support for virtually all data types, and multiple application programming interfaces (SQL ODBC & JDBC, Python, native C/C++, Java & C#/.NET).

Hybrid Storage

A simple database schema (design) notation adds persistent storage for specified records in an eXtremeDB database. Optimize embedded software for persistence and performance as well as cost (byte-for-byte, disk storage can be cheaper than RAM) and form factor (disk storage can be physically smaller).

Code quality

Software bugs are time-consuming and expensive. eXtremeDB’s type-safe C/C++ API is a key tool that eliminates a common category of error, and its other advanced debugging features add further stability.

Data integrity

ACID (Atomic, Consistent, Isolated and Durable) transactions offer the gold standard in protecting data integrity. Learn about this and other features eXtremeDB provides to maximize database reliability.


Broadest OS and RTOS support (including the ability to run without an OS), with source code available.  Learn more about eXtremeDB portability techniques for embedded systems data management.


eXtremeDB deployments include millions of devices ranging from set-top boxes to MP3 players; from network router databases to financial systems.

eXtremeDB is the ideal database for network infrastructure

eXtremeDB named Outstanding Structured Database in the 2018 Big Data Excellence Awards
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award winning eXtremeDB is the ideal database for telecom and networking

McObject Wins 2018 IoT Vendor of the Year Award
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At McObject, our only focus is in providing the best possible data management solutions.

Webinars about eXtremeDB, the database for telecom and networking


We invite you to watch the many on-demand Webinars hosted by McObject database experts, such as Data Acceleration and Business Continuity with McObject’s eXtremeDB Cache, illustrating why eXtremeDB is the ideal database for telecom and networking.


White paper about network router database solutions

White Papers

DownloadThe Role of In-Memory Database Systems for Routing Table Management in IP Routers“, examining the in-memory database systems (IMDS) to add RTM development flexibility, data integrity and fault tolerance.  Review this and other McObject white papers.

eXtremeDB is the DBMS for network routers and more


McObject’s embedded database technology is the subject of many articles, by customers, journalists and McObject’s own engineers. Browse our library of published articles on topics including database features and capabilities, and challenges solved for specific application types.

Press releases about eXtremeDB the ideal database for telecom and networking

Press Releases

McObject is committed to providing up-to-date news on the company and its eXtremeDB and Perst embedded database systems. Click here for announcements of new technology, customer developments, alliances and partnerships, and corporate events. 

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