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Pricing and Licensing

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eXtremeDB Pricing & Licensing

Many factors (features) contribute to the low total cost-of-ownership, all adding up to a reliable, fast, flexible low cost database management system.  With over 30,000,00 deployments world-wide, these industry leaders and others gain true value and a competative edge in eXtremeDB.


How does McObject license its eXtremeDB line of products?

McObject issues two types of licenses for eXtremeDB: development licenses and deployment licenses. McObject licenses developers on a per-platform, per-developer basis. eXtremeDB deployment licenses are negotiated on a case-by-case basis due to the wide variety of business models and devices/applications that employ our technology.  Contact us to learn more.

What type of technical support is available for eXtremeDB?

Annual support contracts are 20% of the total licensing fee, and entitle developers to unlimited telephone technical support, minor updates, and major upgrades during the support period. An annual support contract is mandatory.  Learn more about our support.

eXtremeDB’s pricing is straightforward and reasonable – and that is just one aspect contributing to its low total cost-of-ownership.

When analyzing cost-effectiveness, consider all these characteristics:

  • A development license is based the number of developers and which modules you need for your project.  Learn more about the eXtremeDB family.
  • A distribution license tailored to fit your business model
  • Annual technical support and software maintenance includes unlimited email support and all patches, updates and major upgrades
  • eXtremeDB leverages standard and widely used programming languages (C, C++, C#, Java, SQL, Python) so there’s no need to hire expensive programmers or consultants, or train your own, to work with a proprietary language
  • eXtremeDB’s highly efficient design and short execution path deliver maximum database speed at any level of hardware, often permitting less memory and/or lower cost processors

Please contact us at or, or call us at 425-888-8505

Our goal is to dedicate our time and effort towards developing the most advanced database technology possible to provide our customers with outstanding solutions.

– Steve Graves, McObject CEO


Learn more about the eXtremeDB low cost database management system with our free 60 day trial.