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Edge Node Database Systems, the Internet of Things’ Hidden Workhorses

Are you creating software for a smart, connected device? One of the many “things” that make up the Internet of Things? McObject’s Webinar, “Edge Node Database Systems, the Internet of Things’ Hidden Workhorses” presents edge node DBMS requirements and a look at the field of available solutions. Topics covered include DBMS architectures, NoSQL, data complexity, off-the-shelf vs. roll-your-own data management approaches, and more.  Learn about IoT data management approaches and challenges for developers.

Learn more about eXtremeDB for edge node database systems.

eXtremeDB with Active Replication Fabric™ offers reliable data management for IoT by solving 5 challenges for IoT system developers:
• Bidirectional Replication
• Intermittent connections
• Multi-tier replication (e.g. edge-to-gateway-to-gateway-to-cloud)
• Security
• Compression to maximize limited bandwidth networks

Best Development Tool & Operating System at IoT World

IoT Vendor of the Year 2018

We are a dedicated group of specialists and our only focus is database management systems.

Did you find the Webinar about edge node database systems interesting?  We invite you to review additional news and research. Evaluate eXtremeDB free trial software, ideal for managing IoT edge data.

 Embedded, Cloud, and IoT data management approaches


“The IoT Technology Piece No One Is Talking About”  – Embedded Computing Design  (Hint: it’s edge nodes, and we’ve been talking about it since 2016.)

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DBMS white paper about Tries

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We have been testing, improving on, and retesting our software from the beginning in 2001 in order to provide our clients with the best possible data management solutions.

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Webinar about  IoT data management approaches


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Our HTML documentation includes an extensive online library to introduce eXtremeDB.  It will walk you through the installation process, and the use of key features.

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