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eXtremeDB/rt Features a Compact and Highly Configurable Database Kernel

While always preserving fully deterministic real-time transaction control, the eXtremeDB/rt kernel can be tailored for the specific needs of target applications. Source-code level kernel configurations can include only features required by the target applications, excluding unnecessary database management code. In order to satisfy the goal of providing predictable real-time database management, eXtremeDB/rt was designed to reduce the complexity of the kernel internals. 

A simplified database runtime

eXtremeDB/rt is designed for embedded applications with mission- and safety-critical requirements in mind. The major objective of eXtremeDB/rt is to provide a deterministic database management component to real-time applications. In order to achieve the objective, the database kernel enforces transaction deadlines, while preserving logical consistency through the ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) properties of transactions. Evaluating the complexity of database operations is not trivial — there are many factors that must be taken into account: the underlying hardware and CPU architecture, the volume of data kept in the database, data distribution, and other considerations. As a result, it is hard to know the upper boundaries for various database operations. It is difficult to make an accurate estimate of the time of execution on any level — either the application, or the database kernel: any calculated worst-case scenario could be “too pessimistic”. To maintain essential functionality of the kernel while fulfilling the goal of predictability, eXtremeDB/rt had to sacrifice functionality that is not commonly utilized by embedded applications, especially those that require predictable, deterministic response times from the database system.  The pictures below illustrate the modifications.

eXtremeDB non-real-time architecture

eXtremeDB kernel architecture

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eXtremeDB/rt real-time architecture

eXtremeDB Real-time kernel architecture

eXtremeDB/rt trimmed the functionality that is not commonly utilized by embedded applications, especially those that require predictable, deterministic response times from the database system.

Highly configurable and versatile kernel

Real-time operating systems have different (and often multiple) scheduling policies, and different (and often multiple) ways of measuring time. The eXtremeDB/rt kernel is adaptable to different RTOS scheduling policies and services (e.g. synchronization primitives) and ways of measuring time. The eXtremeDB/rt kernel supports multiple transaction managers, and adjustable database runtime tracing capabilities and includes a highly adaptable system abstraction layer (SAL) that encapsulates necessary operating system services. These options can be chosen by the application developer either at the database kernel or the application compile time.

eXtremeDB/rt comes with source code and is easily configurable to include/exclude necessary/unnecessary runtime features. For example, it is quite easy to compile out index implementations that are not required by the application (RTree for instance), thereby minimizing footprint.

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eXtremeDB/rt offers deterministic ACID-compliant transactions

Tailored to your needs

The nature of eXtremeDB/rt’s tight integration with the RTOS and target hardware requires that each evaluation package be assembled uniquely for your needs.  Please contact us so that we can gather information on your RTOS vendor, version, target hardware, tool chain, and so on.

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Desktop distributions

Free desktop evaluation packages of eXtremeDB/rt for Linux, MacOS, QNX and Windows platforms are available for immediate no-hassle download. Learn more about the programming interface and various real-time and non-real-time features of eXtremeDB/rt. After you have tried the desktop version, we hope you’ll contact us for a free trial of eXtremeDB/rt tailored to the needs of your RTOS.

You are also welcome to contact us, and we will send you a download of eXtremeDB/rt running in the FreeRTOS simulator.