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Accelerating High Performance Applications

Built on the best embedded database system to deliver the scalability and performance HPC demands.

High performance applications ranging from business analytics to Web-based e-commerce require instant data access, high scalability and reliability. McObject’s eXtremeDB database system meets these needs, backed up by over 30,000,000 deployments world wide by these industry leaders and others.


Pipelining Accelerates High Performance Applications

Pipelining is the programming technique in eXtremeDB that accelerates processing by combining the database system’s vector-based statistical functions into assembly lines of processing for time series data.

Hybrid/Persistent Database

  • Database can be larger than available memory
  • Write-ahead-logging (WAL) or “UNDO” logging
  • Control over ‘durability’ ACID property
  • Constant time to open the database, irrespective of database size

In-process Architecture

The database system executes within the application process, eliminating the latency of inter-process communication (IPC) between client and server modules.

Native APIs

eXtremeDB supports standard SQL/ODBC/JDBC, but also offers faster native C/C++, and Java APIs. Information is stored as C/C++ data types (including structures, vectors and arrays), eliminating the overhead of conversion to SQL data types.

In-memory Analytics

Advanced features include support for both row-based and column-based data handling, plus a library of approximately 150 vector-based statistical functions for performing calculations over data sequences.


64-bit support

Enables databases to scale to terabyte-plus sizes.  Learn how sharding gives eXtremeDB elastic scalability.

Developer Control

Developer selected record types can be stored to disk (or SSD), with on-disk database size limited only by available file system space.


An optional multi-version concurrency control (MVCC) transaction manager improves performance of multi-threaded applications running on multi-core hardware

Cluster Module

eXtremeDB Cluster manages databases across multiple hardware nodes, to dramatically increases available net processing power while maximizing uptime and reducing system expansion cost (via the use of “commodity” servers).


ACID Transactions

eXtremeDB transactions support the ACID (atomic, consistent, isolated and durable) properties to ensure data integrity. eXtremeDB Transaction Logging delivers transaction durability via roll-forward recovery.

Type-safe API

A type-safe API and other advanced debugging features help produce bulletproof code.

Review a list of other features built in to eXtremeDB to maximize database reliablity.

Distributed Database Architecture

eXtremeDB High Availability and Cluster implement distributed architectures in which database can survive hardware and/or software failure offering 99.999% reliability.

Support for Non-volatile Memory

Support for non-volatile memory (such as NVDIMMs) enables eXtremeDB in-memory databases to achieve durability and recoverability without the performance penalty usually associated with those characteristics (see our benchmark white paper on this topic).


Over 30,000,000 deployments

We are honored to be deployed by innovative companies world wide.  See a partial customer list.

Across Markets

  • Financial
  • Military/Aerospace
  • Industrial
  • Netcom/Telecom

Award Winning

Winner of ‘IoT Vendor of the Year’ and ‘Outstanding Structured Database’


Continually makes, then breaks, independently audited benchmark test.  Learn more.

No other database management system offers more to developers.

Hybrid data storage

Based on an IMDS tiny footprint eXtremeDB databases can be all-in-memory, all-persistent, or have a mix of in-memory tables and persistent tables with a simple database schema.

Active Replication Fabric

Active Replication Fabric™ offers reliable IoT database management by solving 5 key challenges for developers.

A hard real-time option

eXtremeDB/rt is the first and only deterministic embedded database management system for mission- and safety-critical hard real-time applications.


Pipelining combines built-in vector-based statistical functions into assembly lines of processing for time series data, with the output of one function becoming input for the next.

Row & columnar flexibility 

eXtremeDB offers columnar data layout for time series data. Combine row-based and column-based layouts in order to best leverage the CPU cache speed. Learn how.

Embedded and/or client server

Fast, flexible eXtremeDB is data management wherever you need it, and can be deployed as an embedded database system, and/or as a client/server database system.