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November 2017

Customers: Why is a Satellite Company Using a Financial Database? Speed and reliability are the highest priorities for ViaSat (NASDAQ: VSAT) as they implement a new physical layer satellite debugging application.

In the News 2017: March 2017 brought the release of eXtremeDB v.7.1. We understand the needs of professional developers, and for v.7.1 we built on the already incredible speed, flexibility and security found in eXtremeDB. Please click here to learn more.

Events: Need to get away from the office? Please join us at IoT Tech Expo Global 2018 April 18 – 19 in London. The World’s Largest IoT Event Series will bring together key industries from across the globe for 2 days of top level content and discussion.

December 2016

Customers: McObject Accelerates eXtremeDB Cluster DBMS Performance With Mellanox VMA Results ranged from a 3.57x increase in transactions-per-second lent by VMA Messaging Accelerator over “plain vanilla” Ethernet in a single-threaded eXtremeDB Cluster configuration, to improvement of 2.11x with eight parallel execution threads.

In The News 2016: The IoT Technology Piece No One Is Talking About the Embedded Computing Design Guest Blog by McObject CEO Steve Graves.

Events: Please join us this and every year at Embedded World in Nuremberg Germany, the largest Embedded Systems conference in the world.

November 2015

Customers: With Help From eXtremeDB, Schneider Electric Expands Building Automation System Market

Partners: McObject Debuts as Featured Partner in Wind River Marketplace Launch

Events: Embedded Software Engineering (ESE) Kongress 2015, one of Europe’s largest embedded systems technology conferences, has chosen McObject CEO and Co-Founder Steve Graves as a speaker at this year’s event.

In The News: The Ins and Outs of Embedded Databases for the Internet of Things.

February 2015

Products: McObject Launches eXtremeDB 6.0 Embedded Database System – eXtremeDB Proven Compatible with AdaCore’s GNAT Pro Toolset – New Perst ODBMS Feature Trims Database Size

Partners: C3S is new Distributor in Southeast Asia – MCO Europe Launches

Customers: Perst Gains Role at IDEA RS

Events: Embedded World 2015

Articles: McObject Burgers Up For Python Pickles and Pipelining Time Series Calculations for Cache Efficiency

May 2014

Products: McObject & EMC Technologies boost in-memory database speed, durability & scalability – Perst ODBMS gains bitmap class

Events: SIFMA TECH 2014 – Flash Memory Summit – Futures & Options Expo 2014

Partners: McObject, Express Logic alliance targets deeply embedded systems

Articles: Big Data: Three Questions to McObject – Automated Trader covers McObject’s IMDS & NVDIMMs benchmarking – Express Logic, eXtremeDB team up.

January 2014

Products: eXtremeDB in-memory database & NVDIMMs – McObject positioned in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant

Events: Embedded World 2014 – Intelligent Trading 2014

Partners: McObject & Green Hills Software drive embedded systems innovation

In The News: McObject and AgigA Tech Execs Interviewed on IMDSs with NVDIMMs – McObject’s CEO on Vectors, CPU Cache and Pipelining to Boost Analytics Performance.

September 2013

Products: eXtremeDB 5.0 improve clustering, speed & more – New eXtremeDB iOS port

Customers: photonics-based core router with eXtremeDB High Availability – IBM platform support drives eXtremeDB Financial Edition adoption in Asia

Events: RTECC – Embedded World 2014 – 29th Annual Futures & Options Expo

Articles: Interview: eXtremeDB for Cloud-Based Hotel Management – McObject’s New eXtremeDB 5.0 Menu.

March 2013

Products: Perst to ARM-based devices

Benchmark: durability/recoverability

Events: RTECC Boston, Denver – Design West 2013 – HPC Linux for Wall Street NYC

Customers: eXtremeDB enables SaaS for Hotels Gains Five-Star Performance, Throughput 

Articles: Smart Grid Technologies: Powering the Orkneys (Micro Technology Europe) – The Best of Both Worlds: Database Durability and Performance (Fusion-io Blog)

December 2012

Products: Perst to ARM-based devices

Benchmark: durability/recoverability

Events: RTECC Boston, Denver – Design West 2013 – HPC Linux for Wall Street NYC

Customers: eXtremeDB enables SaaS for Hotels Gains Five-Star Performance, Throughput

Articles: Smart Grid Technologies: Powering the Orkneys (Micro Technology Europe) – The Best of Both Worlds: Database Durability and Performance (Fusion-io Blog)

June 2012

Products: eXtremeDB Financial Edition in-memory database – Clustering gets local tables

Events: electronica 2012 – HPC Linux on Wall Street – FIA Expo 2012 – McObject speaks at Embedded Conference Scandinavia

Customers: 7city Learning integrates Perst open source database

Articles: IMDSs 101 – Data Relay for military/aerospace systems, and more.

November 2011

Products: eXtremeDB 4.5 in-memory database – Perst embedded database gains synchronization

Events: Milestone 2011 – Embedded World 2012

Customers: Financial trading technology innovators adopt eXtremeDB – Perst in mobile app on Android smartphones

Articles: India Wins Shine Light on eXtremeDB – Scalability, Risk Management and Reducing Latency in Financial Databases.

July 2011

Products: McObject releases eXtremeDB Cluster distributed database – eXtremeDB LINQ support – Perst Improves Replication & Security

Events: RTECC – MILCOM 2011 – Assured Computing – MILESTONE 2011 Military Electronics Development Forum

Customers: eXtremeDB In-Memory Database System Embedded In Patton Electronics’ Network Routers & VoIP Devices

Articles: Keeping It All In Memory – SCADA As You’ve Never Seen It Before.

April 2011

Products: McObject previews eXtremeDB Cluster – C# API for eXtremeDB In-Memory Database System

Customers: Transaction Network Services – Airspan Networks’s LTE & WiMAX base stations

Events: TIA 2011: Inside The Network – ESC Silicon Valley

Articles: Selective Data Replication Between Embedded and Enterprise Systems – Avoiding Dynamic Memory Allocation in Embedded Code.

January 2011

Products: New Perst licensing on WP7 and Silverlight

Company: CEO’s blog post discusses cost of open source

Customers: MyYearbook expands its use of eXtremeDB in-memory database system – eXtremeDB Fusion in solar energy electronics

Articles: Embedded database technology in nuclear waste processing, cloud-based mobile computing and more.

September 2010

Products: New eXtremeDB Data Relay – Perst gains Windows Phone 7 support

Company: New white paper on NoSQL and other scalable database alternatives – Visit McObject’s Facebook Page

Events: RTECC – Embedded World 2011 in Germany – Customers: Loewe Opta embeds eXtremeDB Fusion in digital TVs – Perst in Silverlight-Based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Articles: McObject’s New Business Looks Anything But Embedded.

June 2010

Products: eXtremeDB 4.1 extends embedded database in key areas

Company: Visit McObject’s Facebook page

Events: Webinar, Databases: Make-or-Break Technology Choices for High Performance Applications – Embedded Solutions 2010 in Israel – RTECC

Customers: OmicSoft (genetic analysis) – Lockheed Martin (military/aerospace)

Articles: Does Dr. Who Use an Embedded Database? – Multi-core, MVCC and memory management.

January 2010

Products: New eXtremeDB embedded database 4.0 boosts performance, efficiency, scalability and devleopment ease – Java Native Interface (JNI) extends eXtremeDB benefits to real-time Java applications

Customers: Jease – Hetras – SCL Elements

Articles: InformationWeek on 64-bit eXtremeDB for myYearbook’s real-time caching – Spirent Communications’ TestCenter – Perst vs. SQLite in Android benchmark.

October 2009

Customers: 1,000+ in-memory database systems in one network test device? – BAE Systems

Products: Perst embedded database utility for mobile application developers

Report, “In-Memory Database Systems: Myths & Facts”

Partners: Alliance with Phaedrus Systems targets fail-safe embedded systems

Articles: MSDN Blog on Perst database for Silverlight – Wind River Systems MilAero blog – Micro Technology Europe.

June 2009

Customers: Movimiento ATM and Perst Lite Connect Mobile Workers via Smartphone

Products: McObject Brings Real-Time DBMS to Wind River’s Avionics Platform

Partners: McObject Expands Product & Service Offerings in Europe

Articles: SQLite and McObject’s Perst square off on Android smartphone – Java Developers Journal.

March 2009

Events: Free BlackBerry at ESC Silicon Valley

Articles: Embedded Computing Design, GeoWorld, CIOL Developer Channel, SD Times

Partners: McObject & LynuxWorks for medical device technology

Products: Perst Java embedded database benchmark on smartphone

Events: Wind River MilAero Regional Developers Conferences – RTECC –

Company: McObject on Twitter, recorded Kernel Mode Database Webinar available.

January 2009

Products: eXtremeDB 4.0 beta and Perst 4.0 .NET and Java database

Company: New Web site, eXtremeDB embedded database movie

Customers: Tagged – Partners: eXtremeDB gains “Ready for IBM Rational” validation – New China, South Korea partners

Events: Webinar: Specialized Data Indexes – RTECC, Embedded World 2009 and ESC Silicon Valley

Articles: Embedded Systems Design, Dr. Dobb’s Journal and

October 2008

Products: Beta testing open for eXtremeDB 4.0 embedded database

Company: New distributors in China, Turkey

Events: Telelogic User’s Conference, ESC Boston, 24th Annual Futures & Options Expo, RTECC

Awards: eXtremeDB 4.0 Kernel Mode wins Reader’s Choice – Articles: ATCA Newsletter, Third Factor

Customers: L-1 Identity Solutions, Carbon Hero.

August 2008

Company: eXtremeDB Kernel Mode wins Editor’s Choice Award

Webinars: Building In Always-On High Availability; Real-Time Systems Development with Rhapsody and eXtremeDB

Articles:, Control Engineering Asia

Products: Perst Lite Java ME embedded database upgraded with automatic storage selection, full text search

Events: Set-Top Box + Interface 2008

Customers: Carbon Hero.

April 2008

Products: eXtremeDB Kernel Mode (KM) release

Events: ESC Silicon Valley, NXTcomm08

Partners: eCosCentric & McObject help developers break the ‘homegrown’ database habit

Customers: NextPoint Networks, Frost reader for FreeNet peer-to-peer network

Articles: Control Engineering, Embedded Now blog, Terrence Barr’s Java ME blog – New Perst Java embedded database Introduction and Tutorial.

February 2008

Events: Embedded World 2008, ESC Silicon Valley, NXTcomm08

Customers: eXtremeDB-based WiMax System to Serve Huge Market in India

Products: Specialized eXtremeDB embedded database versions, KD-Tree indexes

Partners: McObject offers ProScout Java ME database demo through Java.Net Mobile & Embedded Community

Articles: eWeek, Dr. Dobb’s Journal, Open Handset magazine.

October 2007

Events: Embedded World 2008, RTECC Boston

Customers: Dalian Commodity Exchange Deploys eXtremeDB-64 for Real-Time Trading

Products: Nokia Chooses Perst Lite as ‘Application of the Week’ for its Mobile Devices

Partners: Joint Webinars with Wind River Systems and Logic Technology.

August 2007

Events: Embedded Systems Conference, Boston

Company News: McObject Launches Perst Blog

Products: eXtremeDB Adds ODBC for Enhanced Connectivity, Developer Flexibility – Perst Integrates with Apache Lucene for Full-Text Search in Embedded Databases.

May 2007

Events: JavaOne: McObject Presents on Embedded Java Database in San Fransisco CA

Customer News: eXtremeDB In-Memory Database Hits the Highway In NEXIQ Technologies’ Vehicle-Based Telematics System

Products: New eXtremeDB 3.1 Packs Powerful New Features for Network/Telecom, Telematics, GIS, Geospatial and Other Real-Time Apps.

April 2007

Events: JavaOne: McObject Presents on Embedded Java Databases, San Fransisco CA

Customers: eXtremeDB In-Memory Database Hits the Highway In NEXIQ Technologies’ Vehicle-Based Telematics System

Products: eXtremeDB 3.1 Launch – In The News: In-Memory Database System Benchmark.

February 2007

Events: Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley, San Jose CA

Products: In Linux-based 160-Core Benchmark, eXtremeDB-64 Breaks in-memory database system boundaries

In The News: McObject’s release of the eXtremeDB Fusion hybrid embedded database on the Embedded Blog.