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February 2015


Product News

McObject Launches eXtremeDB 6.0 Embedded Database System

McObject has released version 6.0 of its eXtremeDB® embedded database system product family. This major upgrade adds support for distributed query processing, which improves database speed and scalability by leveraging the processing power, memory and bandwidth of multiple hardware nodes in carrying out queries. Additional improvements in version 6.0 include support for the Python language and for Trigram database indexes, VxWorks avionics platforms, data compression and more. Get details.

eXtremeDB Proven Compatible with AdaCore’s GNAT Pro Toolset for Ada Programming Language

The eXtremeDB In-Memory Database System (IMDS) has been tested and proven compatible with AdaCore’s GNAT Pro Ada development environment, bringing the speed and reliability of McObject’s embedded database system to Ada developers using AdaCore’s toolset. Both GNAT Pro and eXtremeDB are used widely in applications requiring low latency and maximum up-time and predictability. eXtremeDB support extends to the VxWorks 653 and VxWorks CERT real-time operating systems (RTOSs) designed for avionics development, and its product family includes a High Availability edition. Learn more.

New Perst DBMS Feature Trims Database Size by Reducing Fragmentation

Perst, McObject’s object-oriented, open source database system for Java and C# (.NET) developers, has implemented separate mechanisms to allocate aligned objects (pages) and unaligned objects (user classes). This more efficient approach reduces data fragmentation resulting from de-allocation and can eliminate the need to extend the size of the database. To download complete Perst software and documentation, click here.


Singapore-Based C3S Joins McObject as Distributor in Southeast Asia

C3S, a Singaporean firm specializing in high-value and mission-critical technology solutions in industry sectors including finance, defense and electronic government (e-government), has joined McObject as distributor in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. Singapore’s Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Home Affairs, the Indonesia Stock Exchange and Vietnam Ministry of Information and Communications are among C3S’s major clients in the region. Learn more.

MCO Europe Launches as New Exclusive Distributor for McObject’s Financial Technology in Europe & UK

McObject has welcomed MCO Europe as exclusive distributor of its eXtremeDB Financial Edition database management system in Europe and the UK. Financial technology veteran Ian Hillier-Brook, who previously consulted for McObject, is the founder and CEO of MCO Europe. McObject maintains a minority ownership stake in the distributorship. Read MCO Europe’s press release.


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In the News

eXtremeDB Embedded Database System Compatible with AdaCore’s GNAT Pro Toolset for Ada Programming Language. Intelligent Aerospace, December 9, 2014. Developers of avionics using Ada gain a fault-tolerant, low-latency database system.

eXtremeDB Embedded Database Version 6.0 Boosts Scalability, Speed. Embedded.com, October 27, 2014. Leading site for embedded systems development reports on the improvements in McObject’s eXtremeDB embedded database system upgrade.

McObject Burgers Up For Python Pickles. Dr. Dobb’s Journal, October 29, 2014. News article on Web site of venerable programming journal DDJ focuses on the new Python support and distributed query processing added in eXtremeDB version 6.0.

IMDSs Bring Off-the-Shelf Database Software to the Electronics Mainstream. Electronic Design, October 22, 2014. Feature article by McObject CEO Steve Graves describes in-memory database systems’ (IMDSs’) emergence into the mainstream of embedded software development, focusing on features to consider when choosing an IMDS.

8 Fundamentals You Need to Know About Data Persistence and In-Memory Computing. IT Toolbox’s Inside ERP Blog, October 13, 2014. “The performance efficiency of in-memory computing (IMC) comes with risk: RAM/main memory is fundamentally volatile, so any data held there is vulnerable to loss if there’s a system failure,” begins this article, which examines strategies for coping with this volatility.

Pipe-lining Time Series Calculations for Cache Efficiency. TimeStored blog, September 8, 2014. This blog post, which includes a video, looks at the technique of pipelining vector-based statistical functions when managing tick data with eXtremeDB Financial Edition.

In-Memory Database Systems, NVDIMMs and Data Durability. EDN, July 23, 2014. McObject’s tests prove the feasibility of using non-volatile DIMMs (NVDIMMs) as main memory storage for an in-memory database system (IMDS), to provide recoverability with zero performance penalty.




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