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Database Persistence, Without The Performance Penalty

A white paper from the database management system experts at McObject.


Use the following link read the white paper:  Database Persistence, Without The Performance Penalty, Benchmarking McObject’s In-Memory Database System With AgigA Tech’s Non-Volatile DIMM Technology

Some applications require higher data durability than in-memory storage provides. What if DRAM could be made persistent? AgigA Tech’s AGIGARAM non-volatile DIMM (NVDIMM) delivers that capability. McObject benchmarked the eXtremeDB In-Memory Database System using AGIGARAM as storage, including “pulling the plug” mid-execution, and comparing the NVDIMM to transaction logging as a solution for data durability/recoverability.


Managing data with the speed of DRAM, but with instant, reliable persistence in the event of system failure, and none of the drawbacks of batteries – it sounds like IMDS nirvana, at least for that sub-set of embedded applications that require data durability. And, happily, McObject can confirm that it works exactly as described, having tested its eXtremeDB IMDS with AGIGARAM in a self-induced power-off, power-on scenario. The next question likely to come from embedded system designers: is using AGIGARAM with an IMDS as fast as working with standard DRAM? An IMDS may gain persistence through AGIGARAM, but does it give up performance?


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