xSQL User's Guide

As explained in the xSQL Product Overview, xSQL is an interactive tool for processing SQL statements that can be run as server or client to access eXtremeDB databases. For developers new to xSQL we highly recommend the quick start tutorial to quickly get up and running with this powerful tool. Then use the links below for in-depth coverage of the xSQL commands and capabilities of interest:

Startup options Command line and config file options
Commands Specialized xSQL commands that can be entered at the XSQL> prompt
Data Export and Import Online backup of persistent databases, saving and loading database snapshots, metadata and dictionaries
Server Instrumentation Viewing Storage Usage, implementing Security Measures, Logging Runtime Statistics and other server controls
xRun xRun Control Utility
Network Communications Managing Network Communications with xSQL
Connection Lock Information Viewing information about internal locking performance for xSQL connections
Cluster Control Cluster control commands to get information from, detach and attach cluster nodes
Sharding Distributing database data across multiple servers or splitting a database into multiple instances (“shards”) within a single process
Compression and Encryption Compression and encryption of database data
Analytics_Functions Using the Vector-based Analytics Functions library
Optimizations Techniques and tips for optimizing xSQL performance