Analytics Functions Library

The eXtremeDB Vector-based Analytics functions library is a set of statistical / math functions and operators designed to operate on the sequence data type. Generally these functions accept sequence iterators (or, in some cases, constants) as parameters and create another sequence iterator as a result. The number of elements in the resulting sequence could be different than the number of elements in any of the input sequences. For example, some aggregate operations return single scalar results. It is possible to combine different functions, creating a pipeline of operations. It is also possible to store the result of an operation as a new sequence.

The Analytics Examples page explains how these functions can be used to perform a variety of analysis operations and provides a number of examples using the SQL API.

Please use the links below for Reference Guide pages giving explanations of the individual functions or methods in the API of your choice:

C C language functions
C++ C++ Methods
Java Java Methods


.NET Framework (C#) Methods
Python Python Methods
SQL SQL Functions