Incremental Backup and Restore with xSQL

The following xSQL commands are provided to perform incremental backup and restore operations on in-memory and persistent databases. (Also note that file backup can be performed for persistent databases by calling SQL function file_backup().)

Note: backup_map_size should be defined in db_params and set to a power of two.


    XSQL>backup [TO] file_name [FULL|INCREMENTAL|AUTO] [[AS] label] 
        [WITH CIPHER=key [',' COMPRESSION=level ]];

The file_name argument is required; the other parameters are optional.

Note that it is quite possible to perform a continuous backup in a loop. For example, using bash:

    While true; do
        xsql ... "BACKUP ..."

RESTORE a backup

The restore command is used to restore the current database from a given backup file. If it is necessary to restore a database from several consecutive backups, it has to be done by calling the restore several times in the chronological order:

    XSQL>restore [FROM] file_name [[TO] label] [WITH CIPHER=key];

List the backup contents

To list the content of a backup file use the SQL function backup <backup-file> to print out the backup labels and some generic backup information to the console:

    XSQL>select * from backup <backup-file>;