Incremental Backup and Restore with SQL

Incremental backup and restore operations can be performed from any SQL client by executing the eXtremeSQL extensions BACKUP , VERIFY and RESTORE. (Also note that file backup can be performed for persistent databases by calling SQL function file_backup().)


The BACKUP statement must specify the backup type as one of the following:

The statement and can also specify an optional label. For example:

    BACKUP 'SimpleDb_backup' FULL 'Initial full'
    BACKUP 'SimpleDb_backup' INCREMENTAL '06/15/2016'
    BACKUP 'SimpleDb_backup' AUTO 'Autobkp'

Note that a FULL backup must be done at least once before an INCREMENTAL backup can be done successfully.

RESTORE a backup

To restore the database the RESTORE statement specifies the backup file and an optional label (to restore the database contents up to that label only). For example:

    RESTORE 'SimpleDb_backup' TO '06/15/2016'

List the backup contents

The SELECT statement can be used to list the contents of a backup file. For example:

    SELECT * FROM BACKUP 'SimpleDb_backup'

VERIFY a backup

The VERIFY statement can be used to verify that a backup file will produce a successfully restored database. For example:

    VERIFY 'SimpleDb_backup' LABEL '06/15/2016'