Perform a file backup for a persistent database.

For an overview see page File_Backup


    file_backup( dbFile, logFile, nThreads);


dbFile The path and filename for the backup database file
logFile The path and filename for the backup log file
nThreads The number of threads to perform the file copy operation


This function allows applications to copy the database and log file for a persistent database. The database can then be "restored" by simply specifying these backup files and opening the database in the normal way. File backup can be the most efficient way of creating a backup of a disk database because it copies data at the file level, sequentially, without interpreting the content of the pages. Please see the File Backup page for further details. (See also C++ method fileBackup().)


    SELECT file_backup("SimpleDb_backup.dbs", "SimpleDb_backup.log", 1)

Note that if this select statement is executed by a remote client, the file names refer to the server's file system.