Application Development with Python

The eXtremeDB Python API consists of a set of Python classes which form a convenient wrapper for the lower-level C runtime libraries. For general principles of eXtremeDB application implementation using Python please use the links in the following table:

Database schema Defining the database schema
Runtime Control Starting and terminating the eXtremeDB runtime; setting runtime options and fatal error handler
Memory Devices Memory device specification
Database Open/Close Creating/Opening and closing databases
Database Connect/Disconnect Connecting to and disconnecting from databases
Extending Memory Extending device memory
Database Object Interfaces Creating and modifying database objects
Creating Class Relationships Implementation techniques for connecting (joining) database classes
Indexes and Cursors Defining and using indexes for optimal data access and managing cursors representing selections of database objects
Search Methods Implementing lookups of individual database objects and searches for selections of objects
Events and TTL Database event triggers and automatic deletion of obsolete database objects through the Time-To-Live (TTL) feature
Using Sequences Using the eXtremeDB sequence data type with Python numPy and array.array objects
Concurrency and Transaction Control Strategies and implementation details for managing database transactions and concurrency
Data Export and Import Backup and restore, saving and loading database snapshots, metadata and dictionaries, XML export/import
Network_Communications Managing network connections and security
Monitoring Storage Database statistics interfaces and monitoring storage space consumption
Persistent Database IO How eXtremeDB manages cache and persistent media I/O operations
Transaction Log Files Setting transaction log file type and parameters
Error Handling Return status and error codes and how to handle fatal and non-fatal runtime errors
Database Recovery Database recovery from failed processes
Database Encryption Protecting the database memory
Data Compression Using data compression techniques
IoT Support Support classes for the eXtremeDB Active Replication Fabric