Static Application-Independent API

The “static” application-independent functions are used for database control (opening, connecting to and closing databases), transaction management and cursor navigation. Please use the links below to view the functions by category:

Runtime Control Start and stop the database runtime, query and set runtime options
Database Control Open and close databases, connect and disconnect, extend working memory, manage backup and recovery
Disk Manager Manage persistent storage interface
Transaction Control Manage database transactions
Error Handling Manage error conditions
Cursor Control Manage database cursors
Events Wait on or release new, update and delete events
Analytics_Functions The vector-based Analytics Library
XML Manage XML import and export
Auxiliary Functions Specialized functionality such as runtime statistics, heap and collation management
Uniform Database Access Generic navigational API to access database objects and indexes
Transaction Logging The eXtremeDB Transaction Logging API
High Availability The eXtremeDB High Availability API
Cluster The eXtremeDB Cluster API
Analytics and Performance Monitor APIs (eXtremeDB Server only)
Analytics The Vector-based Analytics Library
Performance Monitor The eXtremeDB Performance Monitor API