This function is called by the master (and a replica becoming master) to set the master HA runtime parameters.

For an overview see page HA Applications


    void	mco_HA_set_master_params(	mco_db_h db, 
                      mco_HA_master_params_t* params )


db Database connection handle
params HA master parameters defined in structure mco_HA_master_params_t


This function is called by the master to set the master HA runtime parameters. It is also called when a replica application must change its role to master. The role of the HA runtime is implicitly set to ‘standby’ when it calls mco_HA_attach_master(), or to ‘master’ when it calls mco_HA_attach_replica(). mco_HA_set_master_params() is also used when it is necessary to set the HA mode to “shared commit” (see mco_HA_trans_commit_synch())

Return Codes

MCO_S_OK The HA mode was set successfully
MCO_E_HA_NOT_INITIALIZED The function mco_HA_start() must be called first
MCO_E_HA_MULTICAST_NOT_SUPP Multicast not enabled.
MCO_E_HA_HOTSYNCH_NOT_SUPP Hot-synch not enabled
MCO_E_HA_ASYNCH_NOT_SUPP Asynchronous replication not enabled.
MCO_E_HA_MAXREPLICAS Max number of replicas exceeded
MCO_E_HA_INVALID_PARAMETER Shared commit not enabled.