New Libraries with eXtremeDB 8.0

The eXtremeDB packages delivered with version 8.0 and successive releases have newly introduced libraries with respect to previous versions. Please see page Package Contents for a complete description of these libraries and other package contents for your development environment. The sections below describe briefly the newly introduced libraries and those that have been deprecated. Also see page Upgrading from eXtremeDB version 7.1 for specific instructions on substituting libraries for applications built with previous releases.

Note that the library filenames will be different depending on the development platform. The filenames for static libraries in Unix-Linux packages (including Integrity and VxWorks) begin with the libmco prefix followed by the library name, and have extension .a. The corresponding Windows filenames have the prefix mco and extension .lib. For example, the basic core library mcolib in Unix-Linux packages has filename libmcolib.a, whereas in Windows packages it is named mcolib.lib. In the following sections we use simply the root library name, for example mcolib.

Also note that some of the library names contain one of the following acronyms indicating the subsystem to which they belong:

Newly Introduced Libraries with Version 8.0

The following libraries are introduced in eXtremeDB version 8.0:


SAL system memory allocator

mcosalatomic SAL atomic implementation
mcosallatches SAL latches implementation

SAL dynamic loader


SAL timer implementations

mcosalsmp SAL inter-process communication
mcosalhollow SAL hollow library (Stub functions for in-memory database single-threaded applications only)
mcoseqmath Sequences math implementation

Sequences math implementation for compressed sequences

mcosqlmini SQL stubs / proxy for remote-client-only SQL applications
mcoiotcomm IOT communication library

IOT replication

mcorest REST interface implementation
mcorestdb REST-related database interaction library
mcorestperf REST-related library, access to the performance counters
mcorestsql REST-related library, SQL interface
mcoluaapi LUA module
mcoluaload LUA loader, loads eXtremeDB core libraries depending on required functionality

Core loader - used to dynamically load parts of the eXtremeDB core on request

Deprecated Libraries

The following libraries have been deprecated with eXtremeDB version 8.0:

fhcmn Eliminated by the FeedHandler libraries re-design
testfeed Eliminated by the FeedHandler libraries re-design
trfeed Eliminated by the FeedHandler libraries re-design
smdsfeed Eliminated by the FeedHandler libraries re-design

Moved to library mcosql

mcomem Moved to SAL
mcosmp Moved to SAL
mcostrerror Moved to mcotrace library