Cross-platform Database Application Development

Cross-platform software is defined as software that is implemented on multiple computing platforms, such as Linux, Windows and MacOS. (Please refer to the wikipedia entry at for a detailed description of the term.) While eXtremeDB is certainly implemented on multiple platforms, it is also designed to meet the needs of Embedded Systems developers who build and debug applications on a host platform different from the target system which can be one of a number of real-time operating systems (RTOS), or even boards that have no operating system. To accommodate development for different target systems, the eXtremeDB "host" tools are provided for the licensed development platform in directory \eXtremeDB\host\bin while the \eXtremeDB\target\bin directory contains pre-built runtime libraries for target platforms (as well as the database runtime source code if licensed). Please use the following link for a detailed description of the target components of your specific eXtremeDB package.

Furthermore, eXtremeDB Transaction Logging, eXtremeDB High Availability and eXtremeDB Cluster can even be used to implement applications that access a single database from a network of computers with different platforms, even when such coprocessor scenarios include processors with different "endianness".