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Developed for resource constrained, critical embedded systems


eXtremeDB is an in-memory DBMS that can add persistent storage capacity with a simple database schema.  


Review a list of features that reduce database code size

Review a list of features that are essential for database reliability

Over 30,000,000 deployments in these markets and others.

eXtremeDB delivers the technical features and proven track record required for Aerospace and Defense embedded software. It maximizes uptime and slashes time-to-market.

eXtremeDB supports both in-memory and on-disk data management for the maximum speed and predictability demanded by industrial systems.

Why developers love us for embedded systems:

  • Type-safe native C API
  • Comprehensive target-side debugging capabilities
  • Host-side real-time diagnostic tools, optimized data layouts
  • Integrated small footprint embedded web-server
  • Dozens of supported toolchains