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Data Acceleration and Business Continuity with McObject’s eXtremeDB Cache

Data availability has emerged as a serious bottleneck for today’s high volume Web-based services and data center applications. Disk-based storage severely cramps data availability. Traditional object caching solutions provide speed by keeping some records in memory. But they lack means for recovery or ensuring data consistency in the event of system failure. This Webinar explores the In-Memory Database System (IMDS) as a solution that blends the speed and data availability of caching with the durability, safeguards on data integrity, and sophisticated querying capabilities that are DBMS hallmarks.

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“The IoT Technology Piece No One Is Talking About”  – Embedded Computing Design  (Hint: it’s edge nodes, and we’ve been talking about it since 2016.)

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Our eXtremeDB HTML documentation includes an extensive online library to introduce eXtremeDB, walk you through the installation process, and the use of key features.

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