Binary Schema Evolution

from eXtremeDB

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With eXtremeDB High Availability, Binary Schema Evolution (BSE) is used to implement “in-place” upgrades that involve changes to the database structure in running systems, without interrupting the availability of the system.

The high level concept is as follows:

  1. Install version N+1 of the system as a replica
  2. Connect the replica to the running master
  3. Master synchronizes the N+1 replica database, accommodating database changes along the way
  4. Upon completion of the synchronization:

A.  N+1 replica switches to master
Version N former master shuts down


BSE can accommodate

  • The presence of new and dropped classes
  • New fields and dropped fields
  • New indexes and dropped indexes
  • Changes to indexes
  • Changes to field types that don’t lose precision
Binary Schema Evolution (BSE) with eXtremeDB