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Binary Schema Evolution

With eXtremeDB High Availability, Binary Schema Evolution (BSE) is used to implement “in-place” upgrades that involve changes to the database structure in running systems, without interrupting the availability of the system.

The high level concept is as follows:

  1. Install version N+1 of the system as a replica
  2. Connect the replica to the running master
  3. Master synchronizes the N+1 replica database, accommodating database changes along the way
  4. Upon completion of the synchronization:

A.  N+1 replica switches to master
Version N former master shuts down


BSE can accommodate:

  • The presence of new and dropped classes
  • New fields and dropped fields
  • New indexes and dropped indexes
  • Changes to indexes
  • Changes to field types that don’t lose precision
Binary Schema Evolution (BSE) with eXtremeDB

eXtremeDB High Availability is a fault-tolerant version of eXtremeDB® designed to answer the challenge, “How can a database survive the failure of the software or hardware environment in which it operates?” Designed to power systems that cannot afford to fail, eXtremeDB-HA delivers the highest degree of reliability, along with its unsurpassed performance and exceptionally small footprint.  Learn more.

Multiple database indexes

eXtremeDB offers multiple database indexes increase application speed when working with complex data structures.  Learn more. 


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