eXtremeDB offers Active Data Replication

eXtremeDB Active Data Replication is McObject’s implementation for data exchange between “Internet of Things” (IoT) edge devices and database storage on gateways and servers. IoT edge devices often collect data and transmit it to Gateway or Server systems for further analysis.

However, edge nodes’ physical connectivity are often unpredictable. This is due to various media and bandwidth availability and the wide range of protocol stacks over which the devices are connected: WiFi or Ethernet, cellular as well as specialized stacks such as ZigBee, NFC and RFID, LPWAN, Low Energy Bluetooth, etc. Often, edge device connectivity is intermittent because of the physical device location, or power preservation (e.g. battery powered devices). From the standpoint of data management, unpredictable connectivity means that support for “push” and “pull” protocols is important.

We use the term “storage containers” for databases maintained on edge devices to differentiate them from the server-side databases. The eXtremeDB Active Data Replication APIs allow device-based applications to collect data, then transmit the collected data to servers when connected; likewise they allow replicating server-side data to IoT devices, usually for new device configuration and provisioning. This data flow is fully application-controlled through the ADR push / pull interfaces. The APIs provide automatic or on-demand data exchange between collection points and servers.

Please read the ADR documentation for a more in-depth treatment of the topic.