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eXtremeDB - tiny footprint embedded database

The eXtremeDB embedded database's streamlined design minimizes the system's demand for memory and CPU resources.

Code size is approximately 150K, and this footprint can be reduced to as little as 50K when features (such as support for floating point, events, object history, etc.) are selectively "compiled out" using eXtremeDB's available source code. Elimination of disk I/O and caching logic significantly reduce CPU demands.

In contrast, many database systems marketed for use in embedded systems impose a code size of 500K or more.

Why Does Small Footprint Matter?

Nearly every developer likes to be able to get more performance from available CPU and memory. And in some categories, eXtremeDB's frugality in resource consumption provides a critical competitive advantage.

For example, in consumer electronics, using of less expensive memory and CPU components, eXtremeDB lowers a device's bill-of-materials costs. This enables a manufacturer to set a more competitive price point -- or to drop the savings directly to the bottom line.

With an embedded database that demands less memory and CPU cycles, these resources can be used to develop more and better features for the end user. CPU hits consume power, too, so using an embedded database with minimal CPU demands contributes to longer battery life in devices such as portable audio players.

JVC, the Japanese consumer electronics giant, integrated eXtremeDB in its portable audio player, to take advantage of the benefits described above. To learn more about their project, read the article, MP3 players: the music database gets database software.

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