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McObject Shortlisted in a Second Computing Award in Just Five Months Learn more

What is a Distributed Database System?  Read the Internet of Things Agenda, Tech Target article by McObject CEO Steve Graves. 

McObject’s eXtremeDB named Outstanding Structured Database by Computing’s highly-respected Big Data Excellence Awards. Learn more

XtremeDB running on E8 Storage sets multiple records in STAC benchmark tests.  Read the press release

New eXtremeDB v.8.0 Financial Edition for HPC offers excellent performance and a host of new features. Read the press release

On Time Series Analysis and Big Data. Read the interview with Andrei Gorine

McObject shortlisted in Outstanding Structured Database category in Computing Big Data Excellence Awards. Read the press release.

IoT Global Awards Shortlists McObject in Two Categories. Read the press release.

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McObject is committed to providing up-to-date news on the company and its eXtremeDB real-time in-memory and embedded database system and Perst open source, object-oriented embedded database system. Look to this space for announcements of new technology, customer developments, alliances and partnerships, and corporate events.

Press contact: please call McObject at 425-888-8505 or e-mail


eXtremeDB Embedded Database System Shown Compatible with AdaCore’s GNAT Pro Toolset for Ada Programming Language - December 8, 2014

In First Cloud-Based STAC-M3 Benchmark, McObject and Lucera Set Records for Market Data Analysis - November 19, 2014

New eXtremeDB Embedded Database Version 6.0 Boosts Scalability, Speed With Distributed Query Processing - October 27, 2014

McObject Welcomes New Exclusive Distributor for its Financial Technology in Europe & UK - October 6, 2014

Singapore-Based C3S Joins McObject as Distributor in Southeast Asia - September 29, 2014

McObject CEO Steve Graves Chosen as Flash Memory Summit Speaker - July 28, 2014

eXtremeDB In-Memory DBMS Paired with ThreadX RTOS in Technology Alliance for Deeply Embedded Systems - May 7, 2014

Benchmark: McObject eXtremeDB & EMC XtremSF Server-Based PCIe Flash Card Technologies Boost In-Memory Database Speed, Durability & Scalability - May 1, 2014

McObject, Green Hills Software Alliance Drives Embedded Systems Innovation - December 3, 2013

McObject Positioned in Gartner’s 2013 Operational DBMS Magic Quadrant - November 13, 2013

Using NVDIMM as Storage, In-Memory Database Gains Durability & Keeps High Performance - October 8, 2013

McObject Provides eXtremeDB Embedded DBMS for iOS Developers - September 9, 2013

Compass-EOS Integrates McObject’s eXtremeDB High Availability Database In Breakthrough Photonics-Based Core Router - June 24, 2013

McObject’s New eXtremeDB 5.0 Embedded DBMS Delivers Improvements in Clustering, Speed and Developer Efficiency - April 22, 2013

McObject, Fultech & Kove Compress Timescale in Real-Time Financial Risk Solution, Pointing Way to Regulatory Compliance, Safer Trading - April 8, 2013

McObject’s Perst DBMS Gains Windows RT Support, Enables Perst-Based Apps’ Distribution Through Microsoft’s Windows Store - March 13, 2013

Cloud-Based Solution for Hotels Gains Five-Star Speed, Throughput With eXtremeDB In-Memory Database System (IMDS) - March 6, 2013

Editorial Advisory: White Paper Examines Performance Impact of Database Durability/Recoverability Strategies - January 7, 2013

McObject Offers Perst Embedded DBMS for Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 (WP8) on All Devices - December 5, 2012

McObject Shows You Can Have Your In-Memory Database Performance – and Durability/Recoverability, Too - November 19, 2012

McObject’s eXtremeDB Financial Edition Database Adopted by TradeStation for Next-Generation Order-Execution System - November 12, 2012

McObject’s eXtremeDB Financial Edition Sets Records in STAC-M3 Benchmark of Market Data Analysis - November 6, 2012

Smarter Grid Solutions Adopts eXtremeDB Cluster DBMS To Make Power Networks Safer and More Efficient - October 9, 2012

McObject Joins STAC Benchmark Council, Embraces Customer-Defined Metrics for Trading Technology Performance - May 14, 2012

Perst Mobile Database Helps Streamline Financial Training in Android Tablet App - April 24, 2012

With eXtremeDB Database, Spreadbrokers Targets Real-Time Trading - March 27, 2012

NSE.IT Lends Financial IT Expertise as McObject Solution Provider - March 19, 2012

At Embedded World 2012, McObject Exhibits & Its CEO Presents Two Papers - February 15, 2012

Perst Embedded Database on Windows Phone 7 Gains Synchronization via Microsoft Sync Framework - November 29, 2011

In Version 4.5, eXtremeDB Embedded Database Gains Speed, Scalability and Developer Tools - November 16, 2011

McObject Puts Database Reliability on Radar Screen At Upcoming Military & Aerospace Industry Events - November 7, 2011

Perst Database Moves with Mobile Enterprise App to Android Smartphones - October 24, 2011

eXtremeDB Slashes Latency in NSE.IT’s Algorithmic Trading (Algo/HFT) and Front-Office Trading Solutions - September 21, 2011

Financial Technologies of India Adopts eXtremeDB Database To Manage Growing Volumes of Trading Data - September 21, 2011

McObject’s New eXtremeDB Cluster Provides a Powerful Distributed Database Solution for Real-Time Applications - July 19, 2011

McObject Adds LINQ Support to eXtremeDB In-Memory Database System - June 13, 2011

eXtremeDB In-Memory Database System (IMDS) Gains Role In Patton Network Routers & VoIP Devices - May 10, 2011

New C# Interface for eXtremeDB In-Memory Database System (IMDS) Accelerates .NET Framework Development & Applications - April 27, 2011

eXtremeDB-64 In-Memory Database Scales Massively In Real-Time Telecom Routing Application - April 12, 2011

At ESC Silicon Valley 2011, McObject's Chief Technology Officer Speaks on Parallel Programming Optimization - April 6, 2011

With Help From eXtremeDB In-Memory Database System, Airspan Networks’ Base Station Bridges Disparate Mobile Broadband Networks - March 29, 2011

eXtremeDB Fusion Adds Embedded Database Smarts to Azuray Technologies Solar Power Optimization Electronics - January 12, 2011

eXtremeDB Embedded Database Adds Safety and Efficiency In Nuclear Waste Processing - January 5, 2011

myYearbook Social Networking Site Expands Use of eXtremeDB In-Memory Database System - November 9, 2010

McObject’s New Perst Embedded Database Licensing Promotes Silverlight & Windows Phone 7 Development - October 5, 2010

Leading SAP Partner Chooses Perst Database and Silverlight for Cloud-Based Mobile Access to SAP Business One Applications - September 28, 2010

McObject’s Embedded Database Expands Marketing Reach of Loewe Opta’s Digital Televisions - September 15, 2010

Verizon Mobilizes Field Techs with McObject’s Embedded Database & BlackBerry Smartphones - August 31, 2010

New eXtremeDB Data Relay Fosters Flexible, Fine-Grained Data-Sharing Between Real-Time Systems and Enterprise Databases - August 10, 2010

Perst Lite Embedded Database Chosen for New Code Generator to Ease Software Development on BlackBerry Smartphones - July 20, 2010

McObject Catches Up With Users, Offers Perst Embedded Database For Microsoft Windows Phone 7 (WP7) Smartphones - June 30, 2010

Lockheed Martin Adopts Perst Embedded Database for Defense R & D - June 7, 2010

Perst Embedded Database Enhances Software for Genetics Revolution - May 18, 2010

New eXtremeDB 4.1 Extends Embedded Database’s Strengths in Key Areas - May 11, 2010

Indience Chooses Perst Lite Embedded Database For Mobile Business Solutions on BlackBerry Smartphones - February 16, 2010

Will The Real In-Memory Database Please Stand Up? - February 10, 2010

MedAptus Selects Perst Database for Mobile Healthcare App on BlackBerry Smartphones - February 1, 2010

With Perst, Silverlight Gains Embedded Database & Secure Local Storage - January 25, 2010

McObject Expands Support for Software Developer Community, Introduces High Performance Database Solution for Java - January 18, 2010

Perst Embedded Database Integrated With Jease Content Management Framework, Adding Persistence to POJO-Based Web Applications - January 5, 2010

Hetras Selects McObject® Embedded Database for New Hotel Management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) - December 14, 2009

McObject’s New eXtremeDB 4.0 Provides Greater Performance, Scalability and Developer Flexibility for Customers’ Next-Generation Real-Time Applications - November 9, 2009

McObject's Unique Set-Top Box Embedded Software Platform Shortens Development Time & Reduces Hardware Costs - October 5, 2009

New C2 System for Battle Tanks Relies on eXtremeDB High Availability Embedded Database - October 1, 2009

eXtremeDB Embedded Database Chosen for Tornado GR4 Combat Jet - September 29, 2009

eXtremeDB Embedded Database Enhances MOD Systems' Home Media Server Firmware Design - August 31, 2009

McObject & Phaedrus Systems Alliance Targets Fail-Safe Embedded Systems - July 7, 2009

eXtremeDB and Spirent TestCenter Redefine Scalability - June 24, 2009

Movimiento ATM and Perst Lite Embedded Database Help Workers Connect via Smartphone - June 3, 2009

McObject & MPC Data Partner in European Embedded Markets - May 18, 2009

McObject Gets Highest Compliment: A Role in Customers’ New Projects - May 4, 2009

McObject Brings Real-Time DBMS to Wind River’s Avionics Platform - April 29, 2009

McObject – LynuxWorks Partnership Targets Real-Time Medical Systems - March 30, 2009

McObject Benchmarks Embedded Databases on Android Smartphone - March 9, 2009

Perst 4.0 Embedded Database Broadens Solution for the .NET Framework - February 25, 2009

New Perst Version 4.0 Broadens Scope of Java & .NET Embedded Database - January 26, 2009

McObject Expands in South Korea with Dahan Tech as New Distributor - January 14, 2009

McObject Achieves “Ready for IBM Rational Software” Validation - January 6, 2009

New eXtremeDB 4.0 Boosts Real-Time Embedded Database's Performance and Flexibility - December 8, 2008

In-Memory Database Scales Massively For Social Networking Web Site - November 10, 2008

Perst Lite Brings Embedded Database Superpowers to Carbon Hero - October 6, 2008

McObject Advances to Win ‘Reader’s Choice’ Award - September 23, 2008

McObject Expands in China with Experienced Embedded Database Team - September 17, 2008

McObject’s Embedded DBMS and Texas Instruments’ DaVinci™ Technology Revolutionize Biometrics-based 3D Face Recognition Product - September 10, 2008

eXtremeDB Kernel Mode Database Grabs ‘Editor’s Choice’ Award - August 18, 2008

McObject and Waveaxis Target India’s Embedded Software Market - July 22, 2008

Webinar: Add 'Always On' High Availability to Embedded Database Apps - July 1, 2008

Maximizer Software Partners with McObject to Improve Mobile CRM on BlackBerry Devices - June 11, 2008

Perst Embedded Database Version 3.0 Adds Major New Features - June 2, 2008

McObject’s eXtremeDB Fusion Database Chosen for DIRECTV Set-Top Boxes - May 20, 2008

McObject Database Heightens Telco Billing/Credit System’s Speed, Reliability - May 12, 2008

eCosCentric Bundles eXtremeDB with eCosPro Developer's Kit and RTOS, Helps eCos Users Kick ‘Homegrown' Database Habit - April 8, 2008

McObject’s New Embedded Database Deploys in Kernel Mode To Provide Highest Level of Performance and Determinism - April 2, 2008

Perst Embedded Database Boosts Performance & Stability In Popular All-Java ‘Frost’ Freenet Client - March 19, 2008

McObject Offers ProScout Java ME Software Demo with Database On Mobile & Embedded Community Site - March 6, 2008

NextPoint Integrates McObject’s eXtremeDB Embedded Database to Support Real-time Applications for SBC and MSX Platforms - March 3, 2008

With New KD-Tree, McObject Sharpens its Edge in Database Indexes - February 25, 2008

At Embedded World, McObject Gives Away Free Embedded Linux Primer - February 18, 2008

Android-Ready, Object-Oriented Perst Embedded Database Brings Rich Development Tools to Google’s Mobile Platform - January 2, 2008

High Availability Data Management on the Ocean Floor: Hydril Chooses eXtremeDB-HA for Undersea Drilling Control System - December 11, 2007

McObject Adds Chief Operating Officer to Ramp Up for Growth - December 4, 2007

Major Chinese Exchange Adopts eXtremeDB-64 for Real-Time Trading - October 30, 2007

eXtremeDB™ Database’s New ODBC Support Adds Flexibility, Connectivity - August 8, 2007

Java Synergy: Perst Integrates With Apache Lucene For Full-Text Search in Embedded Databases - July 10, 2007

McObject’s eXtremeDB 3.1 Tested as Compatible With MontaVista® Linux Carrier Grade Edition 4.0 - June 11, 2007

McObject Releases Perst C# Embedded Database For Microsoft .NET Compact Framework - April 17, 2007

McObject CEO to Demystify In-Memory Database Technology And Share Company’s Growth Story in MN1 Interview - April 5, 2007

McObject’s New eXtremeDB 3.1 Adds Indexes and Improves High Availability - March 27, 2007

McObject’s eXtremeDB In-Memory Database Hits the Highway In NEXIQ Technologies’ Vehicle Telematics System - March 26, 2007

SOMA Networks Selects McObject’s eXtremeDB-HA Embedded Database For Carrier-Grade Data Management in Mobile WiMAX System - March 20, 2007

McObject Breaks In-Memory Database Boundaries in New Benchmark - February 27, 2007

McObject Releases Hybrid Embedded Database for New HP Integrity Servers - February 15, 2007

McObject Releases eXtremeDB Fusion, a Hybrid Embedded Database - February 5, 2007

Perst Open Source, All-Java Embedded Database Deployed in GigaSpaces Technologies’ Enterprise Infrastructure Software - December 11, 2006

McObject Releases Perst Lite, an Open Source Embedded Database For Intelligent Devices on Java’s J2ME Platform - September 18, 2006

New McObject – eCosCentric Partnership Promotes Real-Time Data Management on eCos RTOS - August 30, 2006

McObject’s New 64-bit eXtremeDB Supports Massively Larger Databases - July 26, 2006

McObject’s Perst Pure Java Embedded Database Integrated with Solutions from CA’s Wily Technology Division - July 10, 2006

McObject’s Database Helps Push Communication Boundaries with Microsoft Windows XP Embedded in IP-based Trading Turret - May 9, 2006

Certeon Selects McObject’s eXtremeDB Embedded Database for S-Series Acceleration Appliance - March 15, 2006

Nucleus RTOS and McObject’s eXtremeDB Database Build Versatile Real-time Foundation - March 13, 2006

McObject’s eXtremeDB 3.0 Adds NVRAM Support, Improved High Availability. Plus Features for Performance, Development and Smaller Footprint - February 14, 2006

McObject Integrates eXtremeDB with I-Logix’s Rhapsody UML-Based Model-Driven Development Environment - December 12, 2005

McObject’s eXtremeDB Rocks in JVC’s New Portable Music Player - October 17, 2005

McObject’s eXtremeDB Helps Prevent Electrical Blackouts in China - August 15, 2005

McObject Launches German Web Site at - August 8, 2005

McObject’s New Japanese-Language Web Site Shows Commitment to Customers and Market - July 21, 2005

Chinese Researchers Choose McObject’s eXtremeDB For Mission-Critical Power Industry Control System - June 20, 2005

McObject’s Top Engineer Offers Portability Expertise in Dr. Dobb’s Journal - May 17, 2005

McObject Boosts Russian Market Presence with New Distributor and Web Site - May 2, 2005

McObject and Green Hills Software Drive Automotive Embedded Systems Advances - April 11, 2005

At Embedded World 2005, McObject Releases SQL Interface for eXtremeDB - February 15, 2005

McObject Selects Object Computing Inc. As Preferred Solution Provider - January 10, 2005

McObject’s Partnership with SySoft Expands Service Offerings in Europe - December 6, 2004

McObject’s eXtremeDB Helps Double Efficiency And Reduce Manufacturing Cost in New Set-top Boxes - November 29, 2004

McObject’s High Availability Database Simplifies Development On MontaVista Linux Carrier Grade Edition - November 15, 2004

McObject Adds Support for Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY® RTOS, Building On Defense, Aerospace and Automotive Market Successes - October 5, 2004

F5 Networks Deploys McObject’s eXtremeDB Database Within New Intelligent, Network Edge Devices - September 27, 2004

McObject and Logic Technology Expand Distributorship in Europe - September 7, 2004

German In-Car Telematics Innovator Chooses McObject’s eXtremeDB - August 2, 2004

Real-Time Research Powerhouse U. of Virginia Licenses McObject’s eXtremeDB - July 5, 2004

McObject’s eXtremeDB: First In-Memory Database For BlueCat Linux 5.0 and Linux 2.6 Kernel - June 21, 2004

McObject’s New eXtremeDB 2.3 Introduces Transaction Logging - June 14, 2004

McObject Releases eXtremeWS Tiny-Footprint Web Server For Monitoring and Controlling Intelligent Devices - April 26, 2004

McObject’s eXtremeDB High Availability Builds Fault Tolerance in Next-Generation Emergency Radio - March 16, 2004

McObject and SYSGO Join Proven In-memory Database With Powerful Embedded Linux - March 8, 2004

SPEED Kit From McObject and mycable Jump-starts Linux-based Embedded Systems - February 9, 2004

Nuclear Industry Leader UEIP Chooses McObject’s eXtremeDB And QNX Neutrino RTOS for Process Control, SCADA - February 6, 2004

McObject’s eXtremeDB High Availability Embedded Database Gains Role In Boeing AH-64D Apache Longbow Helicopter - January 19, 2004

McObject’s eXtremeDB High Availability, Web Services Power New Linux-based Wireless Network Infrastructure - January 5, 2004

McObject Releases eXtremeDB In-Memory Database For Motorola ColdFire Microprocessors - December 1, 2003

McObject’s eXtremeDB High Availability Solution Builds on Fault Tolerance, Messaging Strengths of QNX Neutrino RTOS - November 24, 2003

RadiCo Chooses McObject eXtremeDB and QNX Neutrino For Mission-Critical Radiation Monitoring System - October 6, 2003

McObject Joins American Arium Japan In Targeting Japanese Embedded Technology Market - October 1, 2003

McObject’s eXtremeDB Version 2.2 Boosts Performance and Flexibility Of In-Memory Database for Embedded Systems - September 29, 2003

Genesis Microchip to Integrate McObject’s Database in Embedded Software Applications - September 17, 2003

McObject and LynuxWorks Alliance Delivers Real-time Data Management on LynxOS - July 20, 2003

Quadros Systems and McObject Partnership Provides Integrated RTOS and Embedded Database Solution - March 12, 2003

McObject Delivers High Availability Data Management For Mission Critical Applications - March 10, 2003

McObject and MontaVista Alliance Offers Compelling Value With Database For Embedded Linux-based Devices - February 12, 2003

McObject and Beijing Leadingtek Target China’s Embedded Systems Market - January 6, 2003

Russian Railways Adopt McObject’s eXtremeDB For Mission Critical Transportation Control - December 20, 2002

McObject Adds XML Support to eXtremeDB In-Memory Database - November 18, 2002

McObject Selects SWD Software Ltd. as Partner in Russian Federation - November 14, 2002

Tyco Thermal Controls To Embed McObject’s eXtremeDB In-Memory Database and QNX Neutrino RTOS - October 5, 2002

New Partnership Pairs McObject’s eXtremeDB With Spectra Linux OS - September 24, 2002

McObject’s New Report Focuses on Set-Top Box Data Management - September 9, 2002

New Partnership Brings McObject’s eXtremeDB In-Memory Database to QNX Neutrino RTOS - August 13, 2002

McObject’s Andrei Gorine Chosen as Communications Design Conference Speaker - July 12, 2002

McObject’s eXtremeDB 2.0 Adds Flexibility and Features To Powerful Memory-based DBMS - April 15, 2002

McObject Selects Germany’s ARS 2000 As Key European Partner - March 27, 2002

White Paper Explores IP Routers’ Growing Data Management Demands - March 11, 2002

McObject Signs Logic Technology as Distributor In Benelux, United Kingdom and Scandinavia - March 8, 2002

McObject Expands Into France and Italy With Antycip as Distributor - March 8, 2002

DaimlerChrysler Adopts McObject’s eXtremeDB For Reliable, Real-time Data Management - March 8, 2002

New McObject White Paper Examines Approaches To Deploying DBMSs In Memory - December 5, 2001

McObject Teams with Wind River for Main Memory Data Management in Intelligent, Connected Devices - November 12, 2001

McObject Announces Data Management On Smart Windows Powered Devices - October 17, 2001

McObject and Soljet Form Distribution Partnership In Taiwan - September 27, 2001

McObject Releases eXtremeDB, a Data Management Engine Designed for Today's Intelligent High-Tech Gear - September 25, 2001

McObject Releases New White Paper - September 10, 2001

Developers Launch McObject LLC To Build Data Management Technology For Intelligent, Connected Devices - September 10, 2001