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McObject Shortlisted in a Second Computing Award in Just Five Months Learn more

What is a Distributed Database System?  Read the Internet of Things Agenda, Tech Target article by McObject CEO Steve Graves. 

McObject’s eXtremeDB named Outstanding Structured Database by Computing’s highly-respected Big Data Excellence Awards. Learn more

XtremeDB running on E8 Storage sets multiple records in STAC benchmark tests.  Read the press release

New eXtremeDB v.8.0 Financial Edition for HPC offers excellent performance and a host of new features. Read the press release

On Time Series Analysis and Big Data. Read the interview with Andrei Gorine

McObject shortlisted in Outstanding Structured Database category in Computing Big Data Excellence Awards. Read the press release.

IoT Global Awards Shortlists McObject in Two Categories. Read the press release.

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Telecom & Networking

Download McObject’s eXtremeDB data sheet for telecom & networking (PDF)

Telecom and networking equipment demands maximum speed, reliability and availability.

As these devices grow smarter, they manage more complex data. How can they do it without the latency and vulnerability common in database software?

The eXtremeDB Solution: Real-Time Performance, High Availability, Patricia Trie Indexes And More!

By meeting this challenge, McObject’s eXtremeDB has emerged as the leading real-time embedded database system for telecom/netcom. F5 Networks, Motorola, Nokia Siemens Networks, EF Johnson, SOMA Networks and Genband are just a few of the innovators who rely on McObject's database, and comms applications leveraging eXtremeDB include:
Read more about eXtremeDB's competitive advantages for telecom/netcom, including speed, time-to-completion and hardware efficiency - then download eXtremeDB eval. software to get started!

The eXtremeDB Database Product Family

In eXtremeDB, application developers gain a solution that includes:
Get more information about the eXtremeDB product family.

Who Uses eXtremeDB in Telecom/Netcom Applications?

Following are a few examples of McObject customers in telecom/netcom:

F5 Networks - The leader in application delivery networking uses eXtremeDB as a core software component across its BIG-IP product family. Read the article by McObject's CEO and F5 Networks' VP of product development.

Compass-EOS - The company’s r10004 core router – the first shipping photonics-based router – integrates eXtremeDB High Availability on its control plane, to support non-stop forwarding (NSF). Learn more.

Genband - Genband (formerly NextPoint Networks) uses eXtremeDB in fixed-mobile connectivity (FMC) solutions including session border controller. Learn more.

Spirent Communications - The Spirent TestCenter testing solution relies on multiple copies of eXtremeDB, residing at device ports, for real-time data capture. Read the EE Times article.

Tecnotree -- This fast-growing telecom software provider uses eXtremeDB High Availability and 64-bit editions in its J@nus™ real-time rating and credit control platform. Learn more.

Download eXtremeDB Software & Learning Resources Today

With free downloads, get started learning about and using eXtremeDB!

Get eXtremeDB embedded database software. Download evaluation editions of both eXtremeDB In-Memory Database System and eXtremeDB Fusion, with hybrid (in-memory and on-disk) data storage. Contact us for eXtremeDB High Availability, Transaction Logging, 64-bit and Kernel Mode editions.

Download complete eXtremeDB docs. Get started with the eXtremeDB embedded database with both the User's Guide and Resource Manual, plus addenda on high availability and other topics.

Access white papers and Webinars. Our white paper resources include The Role of In-Memory Database Systems for Routing Table Management in IP Routers. Recorded Webinars include High Availability Data Management, Multicore Optimization, and  Fault-Tolerant Memory Management topics.

Further Reading

No Operating System Is An Island
, an article from Embedded Systems Design that details eXtremeDB's role in the Traffic Management Operating System underlying F5 Networks' BIG-IP product family.

Building a Network Performance Analysis Test System With Linux, Tcl/TK, SQL & eXtremeDB,, looks in-depth at Spirent TestCenter's use of multiple eXtremeDB instances (sometimes 100's or even 1,000+ individual databases) in emulating and testing complex networks.

Self-Diagnostic APIs: Software Quality's Next Frontier. eXtremeDB's type-safe API is a powerful feature that builds reliability into embedded code. This Linux Journal article by McObject's CEO explains the concept.

Embedded Database Design For High Availability
. Article from Embedded Systems Europe explains strategies to provide 'always on' data availability in mission critical systems.

Non-Volatile DIMM as Storage, In-Memory Database. StorageNewsletter reports on benchmark tests showing the eXtremeDB IMDS, with non-volatile DIMMs as main memory storage, delivers data persistence along with speed equal to using conventional DRAM storage.