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ViaSat Selects eXtremeDB from McObject to Optimize Metrics Data from its Satellite Ground Network.
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McObject’s new eXtremeDB® v.7.1 offers better speed, enhanced security and greater flexibility. Learn more.

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 goes Rolling into the Fog

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XtremeDB Financial Edition DBMS sweeps records in Big Data benchmark. Get details.

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Mobile Database System Software

McObject’s mobile database technology is used in a wide variety of applications and device environments, ranging from music databases within popular MP3 players, to mobile CRM software on Blackberry devices.

We offer two mobile database software product families: the eXtremeDB embedded database for development in C/C++, and the Perst embedded database for Java (including Google's Android), Java ME, and .NET environments.

Both mobile database products are distinguished by minimal RAM and CPU demands, a high degree of developer flexibility, reliability, and fast performance.

If you haven't seen our 3-minute eXtremeDB movie, check it out now!

eXtremeDB Mobile Database for C/C++

  • In-memory, on-disk and hybrid data storage, to optimize the mobile device for speed, component cost, persistence and form factor
  • Tiny footprint: conserve both memory and CPU resources
  • The most flexible mobile database: supported indexes include B-Trees, R-Trees (for mapping data), Patricia tries, KD-Trees (k-dimensional), hash tables and more
  • More APIs: two SQL, two faster native
  • Virtually indestructible – learn how we eliminate database corruption
  • Available on a wide variety of platforms, source code available for porting

Perst and Perst Lite Mobile Database for Java, Java ME and .NET

  • Unparalleled ease in working with Java and .NET objects (including Java ME and .NET Compact Framework)
  • Specialized indexes - R-Tree, T-Tree, KD-Tree and more
  • Compact - Just 5000 lines of code
  • Open source code, freely downloadable
  • Fast - see our benchmark comparisons
  • Tested compatible with Google's Android platform
  • Object-oriented for the most efficient object storage
  • Perst Lite - An OODBMS for BlackBerry, Nokia Nseries and other Java ME-based devices

Mobile Database User Examples

JVC uses a mobile database for C/C++ to manage playlists, songs, artists, albums and other  music data in its MP3 player product line - click here.

Maximizer Software relies on a mobile database to deploy its CRM solution on BlackBerry devices - get details.

The Carbon Hero personal carbon calculator manages mapping data using mobile database technology on Java ME - read more.