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McObject Management

Steven T. Graves, President and CEO
Mr. Graves co-founded McObject in 2001. As the company’s president and CEO, he has both spearheaded McObject’s growth and helped the company attain its goal of providing embedded database technology that makes embedded systems smarter, more reliable and more cost-effective to develop and maintain. Prior to McObject, Mr. Graves was President and Chairman of Centura Solutions Corporation, and Vice President of Worldwide Consulting for Centura Software Corporation (NASDAQ: CNTR); he also served as President and Chief Operating Officer of Raima Corporation.  Mr. Graves is a member of the advisory board for the University of Washington’s certificate program in Embedded and Real Time Systems Programming. For Steve's updates on McObject, embedded software and the business of technology, follow him on Twitter.

Christopher J. Mureen, Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Mureen leads McObject's sales and marketing. He brings to this job a track record of more than 20 years at both startup and established software companies. He served as senior vice president for worldwide sales and support at embedded software tools vendor Metrowerks (owned by Motorola SPS, which became Freescale Semiconductor), where he led acquisition integration and sales growth that exceeded 300% in four years. Prior to Metroworks, he led similar growth at data management companies Pervasive Software (which completed its initial public offering during this period) and Simba Technologies. Mr. Mureen was vice president for worldwide sales at Surgient, where he built the worldwide sales organization and established Surgient as the leader in Virtual Lab automation, and at Platespin, a virtualization software company targeting data centers. He also led sales at embedded database vendors MDBS, Inc. and Raima Corporation during periods of fast growth.

Andrei Gorine, Chief Technology Officer

Andrei Gorine, a McObject co-founder, leads the company's product engineering. As CTO, he has driven growth of the eXtremeDB real-time embedded database system, from the product’s conception to its current wide usage in virtually all embedded systems market segments. Mr. Gorine's strong background includes senior positions with leading embedded systems and database software companies; his experience in providing embedded storage solutions in such fields as industrial control, industrial preventative maintenance, satellite and cable television, and telecommunications equipment is highly recognized in the industry. Mr. Gorine has published articles and spoken at many conferences on topics including real-time database systems, high availability, and memory management. Over the course of his career he has participated in both academic and industry research projects in the area of real-time database systems. Mr. Gorine holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from the Moscow Institute of Electronic Machinery and is a member of IEEE and ACM.

Husen Tu, Vice President - Asia Pacific

Husen Tu leads the company’s Beijing group. His background includes more than 24 years in IT including IBM, Siemens, Borland, Solid Technology, and others. He grew IBM China's RS/600 business revenue from $3 to $21 million USD in one year, and Siemens China's computer system division to $30 million USD. Since 2002, he has successfully launched several startup operations for software companies in the Greater China region. Prior to McObject, Mr. Tu led database vendor Solid Information Technology’s entry into China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. As a general manager, he built market share and revenue by localizing and implementing company marketing and sales initiatives, securing distribution by top real-time operating system (RTOS) resellers, and engaging with China’s major telecom, electrical utility, telco, shipbuilding, and aerospace companies.

Rudi Latuske, Manager, McObject GmbH

In addition to overseeing the operations of McObject GmbH, Mr. Latuske provides leadership and guidance in a wide range of operational matters including business policies and strategies for European markets. Mr Latuske's extensive track record includes more than 25 years managing startup and established embedded hardware and software companies. Prior to McObject, Mr. Latuske was managing director of the central European operations for Software Components Group; managing director of real-time operating systems vendor Integrated Systems, Inc. (ISI); and managing director of MontaVista GmbH, the embedded Linux company. Mr. Latuske has a deep understanding of the embedded software and wireless applications markets in German-speaking and other central European countries and is instrumental in coordinating McObject's operations in Europe.