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Perst Lite: a Java ME embedded database

A few years ago who would have thought we'd have object-oriented persistence on mass-market phones? Clearly, Java ME is growing up.”
--Terrence Barr, senior technologist and Java ME evangelist, Sun Microsystems

Perst Lite is McObject’s version of the Perst open source, object-oriented embedded database for mobile and embedded applications on the Java ME platform (also know as Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition or J2ME).

The Perst Lite Java ME database upholds Perst’s well-deserved reputation for simplicity of design and high performance, and also achieves a code size that is about 30% smaller than standard Perst, well within the resource constraints of most mobile devices.

Perst Lite retains nearly all the features that have been popular with users of the standard Perst open source Java database. These include B-tree, Patricia Trie, Bit index, T-Tree and R-Tree indexes as well as List, Relation, and Set collections, all protected by transactions supporting the ACID properties (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability). Perst Lite also offers multithreaded access, data encryption and asynchronous replication.

Perst Lite Resources

Download Perst Lite [link to Perst for download page]. The Perst Lite Java ME database is included in the standard edition Perst embedded database package, with complete source code.

ProScout Example Midlet. ProScout is a sample Java ME MIDlet incorporating Perst Lite that has been tested in the phoneME, Nokia S40 and S60, and Blackberry environments. These ProScout pages on Java.Net’s Mobile & Embedded Community provide links to ProScout source code (with commentary to explain database functions within the demo), Getting Started file, JAD and JAR files, and more.


"Porting a Java ME Midlet Between Blackberry and Nokia S40 and S60 Devices", published on, discusses the ProScout midlet and its deployment in several device environments.

"Developing an object-oriented database for J2ME-based embedded devices", also on, describes how Perst Lite’s developers met the challenges of providing an object-oriented database in the Java ME environment.

"Simple as A, B, Tree? Applications Find Mobile Fruit in the R-Tree", from GeoWorld, looks at  Perst Lite's support for R-tree data indexes in Carbon Diem's mapping application.