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McObject shortlisted in Outstanding Structured Database category in Computing Big Data Excellence Awards. Read the press release.

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At home everywhere on the Internet of Things

eXtremeDB for the IoT


28 million Internet of Things (IoT) devices use eXtremeDB. It is very likely that you unknowingly interact with an eXtremeDB database, every day. Did you make a phone call, or maybe one by VoIP? Just by the fact that you’re reading this, you surfed the internet, and in doing so might have gone through a Sandvine, Patton or F5 Networks system, or one that was tested by Spirent. Did you watch TV, listen to music, or take a picture or video?


You get the point. Since 2001, eXtremeDB has been the database system of choice for embedding into systems that span virtually every segment of the IoT: Network and telecom equipment, consumer electronics, telematics, industrial control, aerospace and defense, and others.


eXtremeDB is uniquely capable of meeting requirements that span the entire IoT spectrum, from the Edge to the Cloud. You don’t have to use widely disparate database systems for the edge, gateway and cloud. eXtremeDB scales down to run on edge devices, and scales up and out to handle the massively Big Data that can be generated by the IoT at the edge. And it does all this utilizing languages and methodologies that are easy to recruit for: C, C++, C#, Java, Python, LUA and SQL.

Why use eXtremeDB for your next IoT project?

For the IoT Edge/Gateway:

  • Compatible with all embedded/real-time operating systems
  • High Availability
  • Specialized indexing for Geospatial, IP/Telephony & Fuzzy search

For IoT Big Data/HPC:

  • Public benchmarks prove eXtremeDB is the highest performance and lowest latency DBMS available
  • Horizontal partitioning for elastically scaling IoT data in private/public clouds
  • Time series
  • “In-chip” pipelined, vector-based analytics
  • Lua stored procedure language 

Click here to view the extensive list of eXtremeDB key features.

With its core in-memory database system (IMDS) architecture, eXtremeDB delivers the real-time responsiveness demanded in applications that cannot tolerate the response latency of on-disk database systems.  eXtremeDB Fusion also offers persistent database capability, when needed.

Why use eXtremeDB for HPC and IoT Big Data?

eXtremeDB for High Performance Computing is built on the best embedded real-time database system to deliver the scalability and performance that IoT Big Data & Analytics demand.  It offers:

  • Near linear elastic scalability via sharding
  • Distributed query engine
  • Pipelined, vector-based analytics
  • Flexible hybrid in-memory and persistent storage
  • LUA stored procedure language
  • C/C++, C#, Java, Python, ODBC, JDBC
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Look for eXtremeDB in quality products from these and other McObject customers:






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