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Industrial control

Download McObject’s eXtremeDB data sheet for Industrial Control (PDF)

 As process control systems continue to evolve, their software applications become more complex, and often require embedded databases to provide timely access to, and processing of, massive amounts of data. The control application's input data must be correlated, merged, and/or compared across all data objects and across time, for filtering or analysis. The data must be shared by concurrent tasks that have different functions, timing requirements and degrees of importance.

The eXtremeDB small footprint real-time database is being used successfully to meet these demands at organizations such as DaimlerChrysler, Tyco Thermal Controls, Rostov State Railway University (Southern Russia railways) and Radico Corporation. While traditional databases have long served as back-end repositories for control systems, eXtremeDB differs in that it serves as a RAM database that is integrated within the systems' actual real-time processes.

An in-memory database such as eXtremeDB can achieve predictable response times in the microsecond range, is designed to operate in the harsh environment of real-time systems, with strict requirements for resource utilization, and is ready to provide the performance and reliability required by real-life control applications.

The following figure shows the place for eXtremeDB in systems utilizing embedded controllers.

Embedded database’s role in real-time industrial control system

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