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McObject shortlisted in Outstanding Structured Database category in Computing Big Data Excellence Awards. Read the press release.

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Financial Systems Developers:

If you are looking for a low-latency DBMS for algorithmic trading, quantitative
analysis, order matching or other real-time capital markets solutions,
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eXtremeSQL embedded database SQL interface

View a three minute movie introducing the eXtremeDB embedded database!

Download the eXtremeSQL data sheet (PDF)

Explore the key eXtremeDB features that enable developers to create the most advanced software applications using McObject's real-time database technology.

McObject's eXtremeSQL™ embedded database interface is a high-performance implementation of the SQL database programming language for eXtremeDB (including eXtremeDB Fusion). eXtremeDB combined with eXtremeSQL is an ideal solution for application development in fields where real-time responsiveness is a must and SQL is the dominant database language.

eXtremeSQL adds support for the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) standard to eXtremeDB databases, expanding eXtremeDB’s ability to share data with systems ranging from mainframes to servers to desktop applications, and enabling development using an open and familiar database API. eXtremeSQL also provides a type 3, version 4 JDBC driver.

Benefits of using eXtremeSQL include...

Co-exists with native eXtremeDB. Use eXtremeSQL alongside the eXtremeDB embedded database API in the same application, to take advantage of both maximum performance and higher level access.

Support for ODBC and broad coverage of the SQL-89 standard. eXtremeSQL provides Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) support and implements much of the ANSI SQL-89 specification.

Extensions to exploit eXtremeDB features and data types. eXtremeSQL implements eXtremeDB-specific extensions including support for structures, arrays and vectors, as well as query optimizations based on specific eXtremeDB capabilities.

Compatible with all eXtremeDB editions (except eXtremeDB Kernel Mode).

No client/server inter-process communications. Like eXtremeDB, eXtremeSQL is embedded in the application, eliminating client/server inter-process communication round-trips and resulting in breakthrough performance.

Interactive SQL utility, eXQL. For testing SQL statements independently from application programs, and for batch processing. eXQL supports eXtremeDB-specific commands, such as "report" and "save." Full source code for the utility is provided