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eXtremeDB Cluster: McObject's distributed database system for real-time applications

Download the eXtremeDB Cluster datasheet (PDF)

XtremeDB Cluster is McObject’s real-time distributed database system. eXtremeDB Cluster manages databases across multiple hardware nodes, enabling two or more servers to share the workload. It is unique as the first clustering database system to offer an embedded architecture: the database system runs within the application process at every node, eliminating the need for separate client and server modules.

This design eliminates inter-process communication (IPC) overhead within nodes of the distributed database, accelerating performance. It also reduces complexity, contributing to higher reliability and simplified deployment and maintenance.

In an eXtremeDB Cluster deployment, every database instance serves as a “master.” Any process on any node can update its local database, and McObject’s clustering software replicates the changes to other nodes.

Figure 1. eXtremeDB Cluster delivers a simplified distributed database system. This low complexity enables McObject's clustering software to deploy quickly and reduces cost-of-ownership.

eXtremeDB Cluster dramatically increases available net processing power, reduces costs, enables more evenly balanced workloads, and delivers more scalable and reliable data management for systems ranging from carrier grade telecom/networking equipment to capital markets applications.

Lower Complexity = Lower Costs

Clustering database solutions based on relational database management systems (RDBMSs) can entail separate sets of nodes for clients, database servers and SQL processing, as well as dedicated server and client software for management tasks.


Figure 2. Distributed database solutions based on cluster RDBMSs are highly complex, which makes them slow to roll out and expensive to implement and maintain.

With this level of complexity, it’s no surprise that extensive consulting engagements are typically part-and-parcel of cluster RDBMS deployments.

XtremeDB Cluster’s streamlined architecture integrates the functions described above on the individual nodes, greatly simplifying system deployment and updates. By eliminating complexity, McObject’s distributed database reduces cost-of-ownership.

The hardware for each eXtremeDB Cluster node can be a low-cost (i.e. “commodity”) server, so that the system can expand cost-effectively. And with its origins in embedded systems such as telecom field equipment and smart industrial controllers, McObject’s distributed database system is designed to operate with minimal care and feeding, further lowering ongoing costs compared to RDBMS alternatives.

Accelerated Performance, Powerful Features

In McObject's benchmarks, eXtremeDB Cluster delivered breakthrough performance, including an astonishing 161% throughput improvement when scaling to four nodes from one node.

Distributing the system across multiple hosts ensures continuous availability in the event of a failure on one node. eXtremeDB Cluster’s “shared nothing” architecture eliminates reliance on a shared SAN or other storage resource. Multiple platforms are supported within a single cluster.

eXtremeDB Cluster supports the same ACID transactions offered by the non-clustering eXtremeDB editions, making it an attractive choice for applications that demand integrity of distributed data.

Proven eXtremeDB Building Blocks

The eXtremeDB Cluster highly scalable, real-time distributed database solution rests on a solid foundation of proven eXtremeDB technology:
  • In-Memory Database System - eXtremeDB’s core in-memory architecture overcomes the I/O and caching bottlenecks inherent in disk-based DBMSs. eXtremeDB Cluster is the only clustering database designed from scratch as an IMDS.
  • 64-bit support adds scalability - McObject has benchmarked its 64-bit eXtremeDB-64 edition managing a 1.17 TB, 15.54 billion row database in memory, with performance exceeding 87 million query transactions per second
  • Hybrid storage – eXtremeDB Fusion enables persistent (disk- or flash-based) storage for selected record types. Database sizes are limited only by available file system space (32-bit or 64-bit)

Next Steps

Learn more about key eXtremeDB features, or visit the eXtremeDB product family page to see available product editions.

Contact McObject for an evaluation copy of eXtremeDB Cluster.