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Consumer Electronics

Download McObject’s eXtremeDB data sheet for consumer electronics (PDF)

Consumer electronics manufacturers compete fiercely based on price and user experience.

The right embedded database software can reduce costs, boost performance and support data-hungry new features, lending a critical advantage to CE devices.

eXtremeDB – The Embedded Database System Designed for Smart Devices

In McObject's eXtremeDB, consumer electronics manufacturers gain a highly efficient database system to integrate in devices' embedded software. eXtremeDB's small code size (approximately 150K) reduces device hardware costs, while its unmatched speed delivers a snappy user experience.

Consumer audio devices from JVC/Victor rely on eXtremeDB.

As a commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) product, eXtremeDB slashes a device's time-to-market, compared to using proprietary (homegrown) database code. And the eXtremeDB product family offers deep capabilities. For example, the hybrid eXtremeDB Fusion edition supports both in-memory and on-disk storage, enabling the use of a single database system across a consumer electronics product line that includes disk-less and disk-enabled products.

Consumer devices that benefit from integrating eXtremeDB include:
  • TV set-top boxes
  • Gaming consoles & servers
  • Portable media players
  • Home media servers
  • Internet & VoIP phones
  • Smartphones & tablet computers
  • Digital TVs & video recorders
  • Gateways & wireless access points

Key eXtremeDB Features & Capabilities

Why are consumer electronics manufacturers turning to eXtremeDB for embedded data management?

Performance - Core in-memory database system (IMDS) architecture delivers responsiveness measured in microseconds; speed is critical in delivering a competitive user experience.

Efficient - eXtremeDB provides full DBMS features with minimal CPU, RAM and storage demands. This results in lower hardware component costs, with the savings in manufacturing dropping directly to the bottom line.

Hybrid storage - With the eXtremeDB Fusion edition, a simple database schema (design) notation adds persistent storage for specified records in an eXtremeDB database. Optimize embedded software for persistence and performance as well as cost (byte-for-byte, disk storage can be cheaper than RAM) and form factor (disk storage can be physically smaller).

Developer flexibility - Developers can leverage a rich toolset, including event notifications, fast and flexible search methods, support for virtually all data types, and multiple application programming interfaces (SQL ODBC & JDBC, native C/C++, Java & C#/.NET).

Code quality - Software bugs are time-consuming and expensive. eXtremeDB's type-safe C/C++ API is a key tool that eliminates a common category of error, and its other advanced debugging features add further stability.

Data integrity - ACID (Atomic, Consistent, Isolated and Durable) transactions offer the gold standard in protecting data integrity.

Portable - Broadest OS and RTOS support (including the ability to run without an OS), with source code available.

Proven - eXtremeDB customer deployments include millions of devices ranging from DIRECTV's set-top boxes to MP3 players and other audio equipment from JVC/Kenwood.

Download eXtremeDB Evaluation Software and Learning Resources Today

Get started learning about and using eXtremeDB:

Get eXtremeDB embedded database software. Download evaluation editions of eXtremeDB In-Memory Database System (for Windows and other platforms) and the hybrid (in-memory and on-disk storage) eXtremeDB Fusion (Windows and other platforms). Contact us for other eXtremeDB editions.

Download complete eXtremeDB docs. Get started with the eXtremeDB embedded database documentation. Download the User's Guide and Reference Guide, or more specialized docs on topics such as SQL and Transaction Logging.

Access white papers and Webinars. McObject's white paper library offers reports on topics ranging from SQL vs. navigational database APIs, to the role of database technology in set-top box electronic programming guides (EPGs). Our recorded Webinars address an equally wide range of subjects.

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