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IoT Global Awards Shortlists McObject in Two Categories. Read the press release.

A McObject Focus—What’s Changing in the Satellite Industry? Read the article in SatMagazine

McObject records another year of impressive innovation and development. 
Read the press release.

XtremeDB v.8.0 adds a suite of new features for the Internet of Things. 
Read the press release.

BlueScope Chooses McObject's eXtremeDB for its Plate Mill Control System. Learn more.

GoldenSource and McObject Launch Fastest RegTech EDM Solution. Learn more

Big Data & IoT Excellence Awards Shortlist eXtremeDB. Click here to learn more.

Sandvine Upgrades to McObject's eXtremeDB. Read the press release.

ViaSat Selects eXtremeDB from McObject to Optimize Metrics Data from its Satellite Ground Network.
Read the press release.

McObject’s new eXtremeDB® v.7.1 offers better speed, enhanced security and greater flexibility. Learn more.

Read "Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Database Usage in Rail Systems" eXtremeDB
 goes rolling into the fog.

Read the article, "On the Challenges and Opportunities of the IoT, Interview with Steve Graves". 

XtremeDB Financial Edition DBMS sweeps records in Big Data benchmark. Get details.

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2014 Articles

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eXtremeDB Embedded Database Version 6.0 Boosts Scalability, Speed, - October 27, 2014

IMDSs Bring Off-the-Shelf Database Software to the Electronics Mainstream, Electronic Design - October 22, 2014

8 Fundamentals You Need to Know About Data Persistence and In-Memory Computing, IT Toolbox, Inside ERP Blog - October 13, 2014

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Pipe-lining Time Series Calculations for Cache Efficiency, TimeStored blog - September 8, 2014

In-Memory Database Systems, NVDIMMs and Data Durability, EDN - July 23, 2014

Express Logic, eXtremeDB Team Up On Device Data Management, - May 7, 2014

McObject Adds ThreadX RTOS to eXtremeDB DBMS, - May 7, 2014

McObject and EMC Technologies Boost In-Memory Database Benchmark, Automated Trader - May 1, 2014

Big Data: Three Questions to McObject, Industry Watch Blog - February 14, 2014

McObject and AgigA Tech Conclude Using NVDIMM as Storage, In-Memory Database Gains Durability & Keeps High Performance, Automated Trader - February 12, 2014

McObject Positioned in Gartner's Operational DBMS Magic Quadrant, Automated Trader - February 5, 2014