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About McObject

McObject began when its founders — all senior executives and technologists in the database software and embedded systems industries — identified a new need for a real-time embedded database in what used to be considered primarily hardware devices: telecom and networking equipment, industrial controllers, avionics and the like.

This led to the company’s founding and launch of the eXtremeDB In-Memory Database System (IMDS) product family, the first embedded DBMS created specifically for real-time embedded systems. The technology penetrated virtually every embedded market sector, enabling data-intensive applications to achieve unmatched performance, reliability and efficiency. Organizations using eXtremeDB continue to reap tangible benefits through higher developer productivity, faster time-to-market, and lower manufacturing costs (due to eXtremeDB’s frugal RAM and CPU demands).

But eXtremeDB’s impact reverberated beyond embedded software. As the product gained features to support enterprise-level scalability and interoperability, developers of high-performance desktop-, workstation- and server-based systems discovered an IMDS designed with a relentless focus on efficiency and speed. For example, eXtremeDB’s short execution path (code size is just 150K) complements the quest to slash latency in capital markets applications; its 64-bit support and SQL ODBC/JDBC interfaces, along with options for recoverability and persistence, position eXtremeDB as a feature-rich in-memory database system alternative to (non-DBMS) object caching solutions.

While still anticipating and meeting the needs of embedded systems, today McObject is equally focused on this “real-time enterprise” sector that includes financial trading, e-commerce, analytics and more. Customers today include BAE Systems, EADS, JVC, National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India,, DIRECTV, Tyco Thermal Controls, F5 Networks, CA, Motorola and Boeing.

Along the way, McObject has built a global network of partners and resellers, and eXtremeDB has gained important new capabilities, including:
McObject also offers Perst, an open source, object-oriented embedded database for Java and C#. In addition to high performance and a modest footprint, one of Perst’s greatest achievements is its exceptional ‘transparent persistence’ and ease in working with objects in these fast-growing programming languages.

Based in Federal Way, WA, McObject is committed to developing outstanding products and providing first-rate support to customers and partners. McObject’s proven technology and service offerings enable customers to focus on their main goal of bringing compelling products to market faster, at an overall lower cost of development.